29 January 2012 - Eeva qualified for Northern Areas Provincial Council Top Dog, again only one dog was selected from each group. The terrier group was won by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier belonging to Shaun Armstrong.

 28January 2012 - Eeva and I had a super time at Supa 7 Spectacular at the Birchwood Estate. Only one dog from each group went forward. The terrier group was won by the Airedale. Nevertheless we had a superb time and hopefully we'll be back next year!

22 January 2012 - Transvaal Benevolent Fund Show. We had a super day out. Eeva won BOB and Group 4 and Klaus was RBOB, winning the Terrier Puppy Group (Group 1)!  He had his first opportunity to participate in the Best Puppy in Show ring and although he didn't place, I am thrilled with his efforts.  With only three shows behind him, the little boy is fast picking up what is expected of him in the ring!  Judge Louis Coetsee. 

15 January 2012 - Transvaal Terrier Club Open Show.  Klaus continues to impress.  His ring skills are improving every week, at this group show he was RBOB and finished Best Puppy in Show-4! Eeva was BOB and BIS-5. Judge Rion van der Linde.

 14 January 2012 - AnimalTalk 100 gala lunch was today.  Eeva was recognised for achieving #55 all breeds showdog and #7 Terrier in the country! We got loads of lovely prizes and a beautiful framed Top 100 Certificate! 

8 January 2012 - Roodepoort and Districts Open Show.  Our new little man, Buckwheater's Sugar and Spies for Ailsabute "Klaus" had his open show debut today.  We are thrilled with his results. He was RBOB and finished Puppy Group-3.  Eeva was BOB and Terrier Group-3. Judge Marko van den Doel.

Klaus Open Show Debut

 26 November 2011 - Best of the Best Special hosted by District of Gauteng Provincial Council (DOGPC).  Each year the Top 120 Adult Showdogs and Top 50 puppies are invited to attend and compete for Top Showdog in Gauteng at Best of the Best. Eeva qualified successfully with a number of group placements during the year at Gauteng District shows. The format of the competition has all dogs drawn into four groups of 30 dogs of which eight are pulled from each group.  Eeva was drawn in a particularly strong group.  Nevertheless she made the cut, when she was the third dog pulled in her group, after two top winning dogs being a Maltese and an Afghan. This means that Eeva is part of the Top 32 dogs in Gauteng.  The next phase of the competition was eliminations.  Dogs are randomly drawn in match pairs and enter the ring together for eliminations. Eeva drew a strong contender in an Australian Shepherd who knocked her out before he went on to finish BIS-3. 

6 November 2011 - Western Gauteng KC Open Show - Eeva BOB and Group 3. Judge Louis Coetsee (SA)

30 October 2011 - Junior KC Open Show.  Eeva BOB and Group 3! Judge Nico Meyer (SA).

And 2nd in the Fancy Dress... sorry no pictures! 

  23 October 2011 - Western Province KC.  Eeva CC, BOB and Group 4! A super end to the Championship show year! Judge Sue Impey (SA)

22 October 2011 - Hottentots Holland KC. Judge Mrs L Perez (Arg).  Eeva CC and BOB, but nothing in the group.

 21 October 2011 - Cape Terrier Club, Brackenfell. Eeva CC BOB and BIS-4! Judge Dave Thompson (SA).  Lovely day out with super friends, was so awesome - love the spirit!! Congrats to Debs Staffy boy, Best Puppy in Breed and BPIS -3.  We were especially happy to welcome Joke from Frelonius Staffordshires down for an unplanned visit and some handling...Reckon, she could not stand that we were having so much fun without her!

 20 October 2011 - Today (below), KUSA FCI Show, Milnerton CT. Eeva CACIB, graded Excellent and BOB. Critique: "They must be Long, Low and Level as she is. Beautiful proportions. Wonderful head. Good placed ears. Dark eyes. Very Good forechest. Very Good front. Good length of rib. Very Good angulations and back and behind. Wonderful coat. Moves well. Good temperament." Judge Jo Scheepers, Holland. She went on to finish today Reserve Best in Group!!! With the Yorkshire Terrier winning the group. We are very very happy!


  16 October 2011 - Cape Town Kennel Club, Durbanville, CT. Eeva wins CC and BOB under Mr Richard Paquette (Can). First time in seven outings that she hasn't placed in the group.  FCI later this week, a specialty and two all breeds.

15 October 2011 - Breede Rivier Vallei KC, Kuils River, CT.  Eeva wins CC, BOB and Group 1!  Judge Karin McIntyre (NZ). This girl has consistently performed on her last six outings at a group level, with three Group-4, one Group-3 and two Group-1, going to finish Best in Show at TKC.  I am thrilled with her stellar performance, with great thanks to the international visiting judges who recognise the super quality of this girl. 

  9 October 2011 - SA Ladies Kennel Club, Denel Kendon Sportsgrounds.  Eeva wins CC, BOB and Group 3. Judge Kerryn Harvey (Aus). An awesome end to a super weekend! She has this year already earned 16 BOB, 22 CC and 1 Cacib, 11 Group placings including a Best Junior in Group, and a Reserve Best Junior in Show, RBISS and a BIS all breeds. Will remember this weekend forever!

8 October 2011 - TKC Championship Show, Denel Kendon Sportsgrounds. Eeva is awarded CC, BOB and Group 4 by Joyce O'Conner (Ire)

7 October 2011 - Eeva attends her first FCI International Show, TKC FCI at Denel Kendon Sportsgrounds in Centurion. She was awarded a CACIB with an Excellent Grading. She then went on to win the Terrier Group and Best in Show. Judge Serge Tassan (Aus).  BIS Judge Silvana Tassan. Thanks and appreciation to the Tassans for recognising the quality of this special girl.

Critique: Excellent breed type. Exquisite head and good reach of neck. Well angulated and moved very well.

This was the FIRST EVER Skye Terrier BEST IN SHOW WIN at an All Breeds Show in South Africa!

Picture: Tyrone Goode

Phew, what a day! Well, this was the last big Joburg weekend of shows, and I can't ask for anything more! Eeva was outstanding today.... CACIB with Excellent, BOB, Group-1 and Best in Show!

Much love to all those who made this dream of re-establishing the Skye Terrier breed in SA possible, mostly to Hanna Granlund, but also to Skyeluck Adalia's Aidan's mum Anu-Maarit Jokinen your boy has sired a truly phenomenal litter, without him, well ...the ever awesome mum Mathilda (Finnsky Fascination), couldn't do it on her own! To Grandma Dixy (Olivia Original Sensation), Grandpa Simo (Olivia Spirit of American Idol, currently all breeds #3 in Finland...let's hear a roar of support for this awesome Skye), and Grandma Adalia (La Gioconda). Of course, little of this could be possible without thanks to Olga Smid for keeping this breed alive, all her hard work after WW2 to re-establish Olivia Kennel, that enables us to enjoy them still today! Finally, I would like to recognise our sadly recently departed Great Grandfather the excellent, lovely and affectionate Dennis (Finnsky Alan)...Monica... this win is dedicated to our Dennis! 

Love and kisses to you all, Oupagrootjie Dennis must have smiled upon us today :-))) Your love and best wishes is appreciated and we are overjoyed with happiness. Tears, laughter and joy all mingles today as we recognize where we came from and all that might be in our future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! L xxxxxxx

1 October 2011 - Sasolburg Kennel Club, Free State. Eeva is awarded CC, BOB and takes Group 4! We are thrilled with her results. Judge Mr Adrian Sheasby (SA).  Finland - More good news just in from Finland... Brother Max today took Best of Breed and CAC and sister Mila took BB-2 and CAC finishing as a new Finnish and Swedish Champion! Congrats Daniela and Hanna! Mila finished her championship at the earliest opportunity being two years and one week! Grandma Dixy had a super day out with the grandkids, taking BB-4 and finishing BOB-Vet!

25 September 2011 - Eeva CC, BOB and Group 4 awarded by Mr Greg Eva (SA) at Margate KC.

24 September 2011 - Eeva CC and BOB under Mr Rod Jarman (SA) at Hibiscus KC.

 18 September 2011 - Tally was awarded Best of Breed and as a result takes home the Springer Shield for the second consecutive year. Gunna was CC Dog and RBOB. Judge Jenny Miller (UK) is an English Springer Spaniel breeder judge. 

Eeva Reserve Best in Show Centenary Terrier Club Sasolburg

11 September 2011 - Centenary Terrier Club, Sasolburg. Eeva CC, BOB and Reserve Best in Show, a super win against the regular tough competition (above). Judge Alison van Zyl (SA).  Of Eeva's last six BOB she has gone on to take three group places (3rd and 2x 4th) at all breeds shows, and a BIS-3 and this Reserve Best in Show at two terrier group shows.  Since the beginning of 2011 she is converting more than 60% of her BOB's into group places or wins. We are thrilled with her results!

28 August 2011 - Simo won Best in Show-2 today at Tervakoski International Show with over 3000 dogs entered.  Grandma Dixy took BOS and BOB-Vet. Well done from granddaughter Eeva.

27 August 2011 - News from Finland. At Terri-Eri 2011 Terrier Specialty Show, Eeva's family cleaned up. BOB went to grandfather Simo, and BD-2 to Simo's son Aidan, who is Eeva's father. Uncle Aamos was BD-3.  In the bitch class, grandma Dixy at 11,5 years young took BOS, BOB-Vet and BIS-2 Vet. Sister Mila took BB-2, aunty Alina took BB-3! So it was a sweep of both dog and bitch classes for the extended family taking first three places in each class! Well done to Hanna, Thea, Carina, Anu, Daniela, and Pirjo! The judge was Mrs Cindy Petterson (Swe).

 25 - 28 August 2011 - We have just returned from a successful Bloemfontein weekend. Total for the weekend, 5CCs, 3 RBOB and 2 BOB. One BOB at KUSA Championship Show under Marina Ostrovkaya (Russia) where Eeva was also Group-4 and the second at the Free State Terrier Club Championship Show under terrier specialist judge, Joe Field (SA), where she went on to finish Best in Show-3rd! 

 21 August 2011 - Roodepoort and Districts KC Championship Show. Eeva CC, BOB and Group 4! Judge Mrs Avril Ventress (SA). Stunning day out, although Eeva was acting up in the breed class, she was a dream in the group!

20 August 2011 - Eeva's grandparents do outstandingly well (above) at the Finnish Skye Terrier Club's Specialty Show.  Grandma Dixy (left) takes BIS and BISV at 11,5 years old! Grandpa Simo (right) takes Best Opposite Sex.  Sister Mila wins her class and takes Res CAC.  Eeva's dad Aidan takes Best Dog 2.  So we keep it in the family!  Other grandma La Gioconda takes BB-3 and Best Drop Ear.  Total entry 40 Skyes!

20 August 2011 - Goldfields KC Championship Show. Eeva CC and RBOB.  Judge Colin Bohler (SA).  Eeva was beautifully turned out.  She is in full coat despite a recent season.  She floated round the ring, but needed a pitstop at an inopportune moment! :-)  This was her 19th CC and 5th RBOB.  She now has 14 BOBs, 1 BIS, 1 BPIS and 1 RBJIS. Better luck tomorrow. 

13 August 2011 - Celtic Breeds Club of Western Transvaal. Eeva CC and BOB. Mr Sean Delmar (Ire).  We are very pleased. It was also a superbly well organised show.  Mr Delmar knows his Skyes very well and has previously judged Eeva's grandfather favourably. It was a very large final group - 20 breeds! 

After a long break to give Eeva time off, we are heading back to showing...Skyes need to want to show.

8 July 2011 - Melissa and I went to the World Dog Show in Paris. I decided to spoil myself for my birthday and since the final was on my actual birthday we jetted to Paris for a week's holiday culminating in the World Dog Show.  I am so glad we did, when Eeva's grandfather, Simo, Olivia Spirit of American Idol took his third WW Skye title we witnessed it with our own eyes! It was an awesome moment!  I think screaming and jumping around with excitement is allowed!  Melissa doesn't go to dog shows much, but even she was excited.  She got to meet Eeva's sister Mila as well!

July 2011 - Great news from Finland.  Lyyli has whelped.  Our second Skye will arrive with us in SA at the end of the year.  The sire is a top German Skye and a very successful sire, fathering beautiful typey Skyes with great pigmentation and style. Lyyli is a fabulous bitch, I fell in love with her when I met her! In fact she was to be the mother of my first Skye, but the lovely Mathilda beat her to it.  I am pleased I have a Mathilda daughter, because now I can have a Lyyli son!  Lyyli epitomises to me everything a Skye should be.  I have great hopes for my new little man!  He is a cream and since both parents are clear creams, we can hope for a spectacular clear cream coat. We look forward to welcoming him!

15 May 2011 - Western Gauteng Kennel Club. Eeva CC and BOB! And Group 3! Mr Trevor Hiscock. (SA)

7 May 2011 - Transvaal Terrier Club. Eeva CC and BOB! Ms Margaret Jones (Can)

1 May 2011 - Natal Coast Kennel Club. Eeva CC and RBOB. Mr M dos Santos.  Gunna RCC. Mr R Williams.

30 April 2011 - Highway Kennel Club. Eeva CC and RBOB. Mr R Doedjins (Neth)  Gunna CC and RBOB. Mrs R dos Santos.

27 March 2011 - Witwatersrand Kennel Club. Eeva CC and RBOB. Ms C Davis. (Aus)

26 March 2011 - Transvaal Midlands. Eeva CC and BOB. Mr T Pickering. (Can)

25 March 2011 - Pretoria Kennel Club. Eeva CC and RBOB. Mr Michael Shoreman. (Aus) Gunna RCC. Mrs Rosemarie Shoreman. (Aus)

19 March 2011 - Vereeniging and Districts Kennel Club. Eeva CC, BOB. Mr Percy Green. (SA) Eeva has competition for the first time from a puppy male, a recent import. 

23 January 2011 - Transvaal Benevolent Fund Show. Eeva. BOB, Best Junior in Breed and Group, and Reserve Best Junior in Show!  As you can see (below) a Junior can be in full coat! Judge Joy McFarlane (SA)

24 September 2010 - Angharad delivered seven healthy puppies. Our third litter, making 21 Ailsaute pups in total.  Seven appears to be our number as this is the third litter of seven.  This time 2x L/W girls 1x L/W boy 3x B/W boys and 1 B/W girl

10 July 2010 - Junior Kennel Club. Eeva CC, BOB and Best Puppy in Breed. Best Puppy in Group-3. Mrs Pat de Coning (SA).

29 May 2010 - KUSA Championship Show. Eeva CC, BOB and Best Puppy.  Mr Ekarat Sangkunakup (Thailand).

16 May 2010 - Western Gauteng Kennel Club. Eeva CC, BOB, Best Puppy in Breed. Mr Gerard Robinson (SA). Gunna CC. Mr Desi Murphy (USA).

15 May 2010 - Northern Tshwane Kennel Club. Eeva CC, BOB and Best Puppy in Breed. Mr J Peden (SA).  Gunna CC. Mike Landsberg (SA) This is his fifth and final CC for Championship ticket. Well done Gunna.  

9 May 2010 - SA Short Legged Terrier Club. Eeva CC, BOB, Best Puppy in Breed, Best Puppy in Show and BEST IN SHOW! Mr Desi Murphy (USA)

8 May 2010 - The Gundog Club. Tally CC, BOB and Springer of the Year. Gunna CC and RBOB. Marjorie Martorella (USA)

24 April 2010 - Eastern Districts Kennel Club. Eeva CC,Best Puppy in Breed, Best of Breed. Dr D Harris. 

18 April 2010—Vereeniging Kennel Club. Open. Eeva CC, Best Puppy in Breed, BOB and BPIG-4. Jenny Hubbard.  Tally CC, BOB, BIG-3. Ailsabute Green Tamborine (Tammy) our Black tri girl from the AbbeyxBuzz litter had her debut open show and was awarded Best Puppy in Breed, BPIG-3.  Dr R Erhlich (SA).

28 March 2010  - Witwatersrand Kennel Club.  Eeva CC, Best Puppy, BOB and BPIG-3.  Bev Watt (Australia).  Gunna and Tally take CC Dog and Bitch, Gunna RBOB. Dr Everett Mincey (Can).

27 March 2010  -  Transvaal Midlands Kennel Club.  Eeva CC, Best Puppy and BOB and she takes her first Puppy Group First (BPIG-1)! Dr Everett Mincey (Canada).  Gunna RCC.  Thora Brown (Canada).

26 March 2010  -  Pretoria Kennel Club.  Eeva Championship Show debut CC, Best Puppy in Breed and Best of Breed, BPIG-3.  Thora Brown (Canada).

21 March 2010  -  Roodepoort and Districts Kennel Club. Gunna CC and RBOB. Mr J Steyn (SA).  Tally RCC.

20 March 2010  -  Vereeniging and Districts Kennel Club.  Gunna and Tally, each RCC.

28 February 2010  -  Goldfields Kennel Club.  Eeva Open Show debut.  Eeva BOB, Best Puppy in Breed and Best Puppy in Group-4, (BPIG-4).  Frans Olivier (SA).  Tally BOB, BIG-4.  Dr Rochelle Erhlich (SA).

21 February 2010  -  The Gundog Club. Gunna BOB.  Tally RBOB. Aislabute Purple Haze “Jimi” (Abbey x Buzz) debuts and takes Best Puppy in Breed (Family Harris).  Rosemarie Elliot (SA).

24 January 2010 - Transvaal Benevolent Fund's all breeds open show. Gunna BOB. Mr L Ferres (SA).  

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