28 February 2010 - Eeva concludes her Open Show debut with a Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed and goes on to take Best Puppy in Group-4, (BPIG-4) under Frans Olivier, despite being in Baby Puppy and competing in the Terrier Group with older pups.  Tally took Best of Breed and placed BIG-4 against tough competition under Dr Rochelle Erhlich.  Goldfields Kennel Club.

21 February 2010 - Gunna recieves Best of Breed under Rosemarie Elliot at The Gundog Club, while Tally stands second.  Aislabute Purple Haze “Jimi” (Abbey x Buzz) debuts and takes Best Puppy in Breed.  Congrats to Family Harris who brought him out for his open debut.

24 January 2010 - Gunna takes Best of Breed under Mrs L Ferres in the Transvaal Benevolent Fund’s all breeds open show.

31 October 2009 - Seven puppies born to Abbey and Buzz, no complications.  Pup 1 black tri bitch, pup 2 B/W bitch, pup 3 Liver tri dog, pup 4 black tri dog, pup 5 black tri dog, pup 6 black tri bitch, and pup 7 B/W dog.

11 October 2009 - Tally was not entered as I had previously entered Abbey for this weekend’s shows, however, Abbey is already showing her pregnancy, so only Gunna participated this weekend.  He took RCC dog at SA Ladies Kennel Association under Irish judge, Susan Kealy, against tough competition.  He stood second to his uncle, Tullamore Kolorful Me (father of Abbey’s puppies) who took CC dog.  In the process both beat an Am/Can/SA Champion dog and a puppy who had on Friday taken BPIS.

11 October 2009 - News from Interra 2009, world international terrier show, and the World Dog Show 2009, which is the biggest World Show in FCI history, both of which were held in Bratislava.  Top-winning Skye Terrier, Simo, grandfather to the litter which we await a pup from, was named World Winner 2009 (repeating his title win of last year WW08), the grandmother of the litter, Linum La Giaconda took World Winner Bitch and the father of the litter Adalia’s Aidan took World Winner Junior Dog.  Well done to breeders, owners and handlers.  We now wait with great excitement to receive pictures of the litter in their first stacked photos at six weeks.  More info here.

30 September 2009 - Abbey’s second ultrasound confirmed a pregnancy with at least six puppies.

24 September 2009 - We have been on a waiting list for some time for a Skye Terrier puppy from Buckwheater’s Skye Terriers Kennel in Finland.  Hanna Granlund owns and shows Finland’s #2 All Breed Show dog, Simo (Olivia Spirit of American Idol). Originally, we were on a waiting list for young Lylli’s first litter in 2011, but today we had news that Mathilda delivered seven puppies and we await to hear whether one of the cream bitches will come to us in South Africa.  This will be the first Skye in South Africa in many, many years. Mathilda’s litter was fathered by Skyeluck Adalia’s Aidan, who is Simo’s son.

20 September 2009 - Tally took CC bitch at The Gundog Club’s annual championship show against two very good Champion bitches in the open class.  Gunna took Reserve CC dog second to his half uncle, CH Kolorful Me (Buzz) who took CC Dog and Best of Breed, as well as the Springer Shield.  The judge was Ms Di Hansen of KwaZulu-Natal.

30 August 2009 - Tally finished the weekend with another CC bitch.  The judge withheld a number of CCs in Gundog Group today, so when she did award the CC I felt very relieved!  The judge was Judy Musto (RSA).

29 August 2009 - Another CC Bitch for Tally, this time in the Kennel Union Championship Show in Bloemfontein under Mr Oscar Valaverde of Costa Rica.

28 August 2009 - Another CC bitch for Tally at the Bloemfontein Shows, this time Bloemfontein Kennel Club under Mr Hiroshi Kamisato (Japan).

27 August 2009 - Tally wins her South African Championship title, taking the CC bitch at Northern Free State Kennel Club in Bloemfontein under Cesar Moscosocaso (Brazil). Second champion, made up just days after her sister!

22 August 2009 - Abbey wins her South African Championship title, receiving her fifth CC bitch at Goldfields Kennel Club from South African judge Maurice Baker.  Our first champion! 

11 July 2009 - Abbey won the CC Bitch under Sue Shrigley (Aus) at the Junior Kennel Club Show.

5 July 2009 - Abbey was awarded her third CC for the weekend by Mr Bruce Jenkins (RSA) in the Pietermaritzburg Kennel Club Show at Kearsney College.

4 July 2009 - Gunna was awarded RCC by Mr Steven Warry (Aus) as well as Best Junior in Breed.    He went on the win Best Junior Gundog Group (BJIG-1).  Abbey won the CC bitch. This was our second successful day in the Durban weekend show.

3 July - Abbey won her first CC at the Natal Gundog Club Show show at Kearsney College in Natal under Mr R Rotner. This was her first ever Championship Show.  She amazed us by being named Best Junior in Breed and Reserve Best Junior in Show BJIS-2!

 17 May 2009 - Mr T Tancred of Australia awarded Tally CC Bitch at the Western Gauteng Kennel Club Show at Goldfields. She was also Best Junior in Breed and went on to compete in the Junior Gundog Group. 

16 May 2009 - Tally is going from strength to strength!  Today she won the CC bitch and Reserve Best of Breed again, aged 16 months.  This time under Mr G Kill (Aus) at the Northern Tshwane Kennel Club Show at the Military Sports Club in Pretoria. With five CC’s Tally has enough points to be made up as Champion, but in order to declare her Championship Status she needs to win another CC once she has turned 18 months.

25 April 2009 - Tally won the CC Bitch and was awarded Reserve Best of Breed at the Pretoria Kennel Club Show.  Gunna was awarded Reserve CC dog!  They were judged by Mr Neil Kay (RSA).

5 April 2009 - Tally won the CC Bitch at the Port Elizabeth Kennel Club show under Ms Dale Fabian (RSA).

4 April 2009 - Another RCC bitch for Tally during the PE Shows, this one at the Walmer & Suburban Kennel Club under Mrs D Powell (RSA) also at PEKC Grounds.

3 April 2009 - Tally picked up an RCC Bitch under Shirley Bloomfield (RSA) at the Uitenhage Kennel Club Show held at the PEKC Grounds in Port Elizabeth.

29 March 2009 - Another CC for Tally! Number two.  Mrs J Hocking (Aus) awarded her the CC Bitch at the Witwatersrand Kennel Club Show at Goldfields.

28 March 2009 - Tally was awarded RCC Bitch by Jan Braithwaite-Campbell (Aus) at the Transvaal Midlands Kennel Club Championship Show at Goldfields.

22 March 2009 - Tally picked up RCC bitch at Roodepoort and Districts Kennel Club Championship Show at Goldfields Showgrounds, under Christine Sanford (RSA).

2 November 2008 - Gunna won Best Puppy and Best of Breed at the Junior Kennel Club Qualifying show, getting his first chance to compete in a group.

21 September 2008 - Tally won her first CC at The Gundog Club Championship Show, aged 8 months and entered in Puppy Class, at Goldfields, Bedfordview under British judge Barbara Critchley who was very complementary about her type and style. 

23 August 2008 - Tally won her first RCC at the Goldfields Kennel Club Show aged 7 months and entered in Puppy Class, at Goldfields Showground, Bedfordview, under Charles Kerfoot (RSA)


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