English Springer Spaniels

English Springer Spaniels—Not just for Show!

This spaniel is an ancient breed, appearing in paintings as early as the 1600s. It is possibly the ancestor of most modern spaniels.  It is most definitely the oldest sporting gundog in the world.

Our goal, like all breeders, is to breed for conformation, health, correct temperament and show style, but selecting pups from a litter for breeding pushes us further to select the personalities and temperaments most suited to wing-shooting.  Our temperament assessments are geared to identify pups with problem solving skills, intelligence, high drive, self-motivation, and self-confidence from the whelping box on.  When we get it all in one, we are ecstatic.

As Angharad was heavily line-bred to Graftonbury Genghis Khan and his son Wrath of Khan, I needed to find some other common point of departure for Ailsabute, and this proved to be Angi’s granddam, Mtilda’s contribution—AUST NZ GB Ch Chuan Chablais “Arthur”.  There was sufficient in the pedigree to line-breed against; if I could just find the right dog, then, I would have a start. As it turns out, Ch Tullamore the Blacksmith was the best start I could have asked for.  In one generation, we managed to double up many of the English lines we admired to set us on our way.

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 Is the ESS the right dog for you?

The Springer is an affectionate and easy-going family dog, and its alertness and attentiveness make it the ideal hunting companion. An intelligent dog, and eager to please, a Springer is easily incorporated into a family setting. They are very close to their people and would rather be with you than alone. Their intelligence makes them easy to train. 

It is very good with children and tends to have a moderate to high energy level, which makes it the ideal companion for ball games! Its long-legged build makes it among the fastest of the spaniels. It has unlimited stamina and needs plenty of activity, to focus its mind and to provide substantial exercise.  Like any breed described as "good with children", a Springer Spaniel must become accustomed to children.   Any dog that is not well socialised with children will not necessarily behave predictably around them.  We therefore recommend that all of our puppies go to school.  The new owners should be prepared to participate in puppy socialisation classes as well as a basic obedience class.

In general, the breed is good with other pets and even gets on quite well with cats.  However, English Springer Spaniels are not suitable for homes with pet birds due to their natural hunting instinct!  As with all breeds, dogs must become accustomed to other pets, and it's better to introduce two pets when they're both very young.  English Springer Spaniels are energetic, cheerful, happy and playful animals; and many owners will find their games hilarious. As with many hunting dogs bred as retrievers, these dogs will play with anything!  If they are not given toys, they will search out something in the house, such as shoes, combs, hairbrushes, so be warned!  A game a day is a good idea if you want to have a dog that is happy and healthy in body and mind!

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